Scotty Benner at 2014 Huntington Beach Artist Invitational.

Artist Biography

Scotty Benner paints primarily with watercolor and acrylic. She occasionally sculpts as well. Her subject matter consists of marine life, still life and landscape. She grew up in a family of artists. She had one formal art class at the age of 9, but has otherwise spent years painting with her mother, aunts, and grandmother, Joyce Benner. She started “assisting” her grandmother with painting mural backgrounds at age 6 and continued as a young adult. When she was 20, she had her first encounter with the tropics where she dove almost daily and never grew tired of admiring the local marine life. At 22, she moved back to the mainland. Her grandmother realized her passion for all things aquatic and encouraged her to develop her technique in that area. Together they painted plein air at beachside locations in La Jolla and Encinitas, near San Diego. When sea life was part of an upcoming mural, her grandmother encouraged her to come along. She has been painting, with a focus on marine life for the past nine years. Currently her technique includes combining aquarelle with more opaque application and use of bold color and contrast to create a more striking image. She currently resides in Southern California.